This one really thumps and is simply an amazing work of bass art. It has fantastic balance and an organic quality to the shape which really stands out from other basses. The more you look at this instrument the more it becomes a part of you. The shape is slightly familiar but also looks completly different from the back to the front. As you can see in the pictures, this is not the average neck-through design.
The aged hardwoods give you a bass that compromises nothing for the sound with a super solid feel and heavy weight that will ring through on recordings like a truely exceptional instrument should (we've tried it). On top of that you will find this bass to be one of the quickest and easiest to play.

As with all the instruments I make, details can be adjusted, customized, redesigned, etc. to suit your specific needs and wants.

Body: Front mahogany, back purpleheart
Neck: Through body design (from top of headstock to bottom of the body) bloodwood
Finish: Oil finish (this allows the grain to be more visible than a gloss finish)
Fretboard: Ebony with m.o.p. inlays
Headstock: Bloodwood with purpleheart back and abalone truss cover.
Tuners: Aluminum finish
Knobs: Turned bloodwood with m.o.p. dots
Back plate: Bloodwood
Pickups: Bartolini

Price starts at $2000 for maple model
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