This CD by Bill DeGennaro was released at the 2005 NAMM show in Los Angeles!

This fantastic sounding collection of songs will appeal to many people with different tastes in music. You'll love what a great rock & roll singer Bill is, a real compliment to his super-sounding handmade guitars!
Bill sings and plays the guitar, mandolin and bass parts, his son John plays electric on a few songs and the drums are played by Kjell.
The music style is bluesy rock & roll and acoustic ballads (even some bluegrassy stuff) and it's definately original. The subject matter ranges from love and family to social issues and politics.
With variety and talent, we know that you'll like this one.

This professionally recorded and packaged album comes shrinkwrapped and shipped safely in a cardboard container.
It is available for purchase here or through other retailers, so keep checking the site for info. If you are interested in multiple copies for retail sale then send us an email for bulk pricing.

"SOME PEOPLE" song list:

1. People
2. So kind
3. Life
4. Unsung hero
5. Oil wells
6. Many times
7. Along the way
8. I get up
9. Starry-eyed
10. My little angel
11. Diane
12. Can you hear the train?
13. Early morning blues

Total time: 53:55

Here is a sampler of the range of different songs on this album: (mp3)

All stringed instruments played on this CD are handmade by DeGennaro Guitars :
(electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, electric mandolin, bass guitar).

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