5/13/05-Show report from the drummer:

Good concert night! If you missed it then bummer. We went on first as the promoter was placing bands by ticket sales and since we just started gigging earlier this year we don't have much of a fan base yet to sell tickets to. It was better being able to set up at a reasonable pace which the other bands didn't get much of a chance to do as there were so many bands playing in one night. We were allowed 1/2 hour to play and ran through about half of our set list. I got to try out some new visual effects based around the drum set which worked very well. Although most of the people had not arrived yet and may have been there to see other bands we still got a favorable response and even sold some of our new t-shirts. We look forward to the future as more people see us or hear about us. We also got to play one of Brennan's new songs live for the first time and it went over just fine (got a few more coming).
We were followed by These Eyes That Bleed then AEternal, Summon and Vader. The other bands did well too and the crowd all wanted to hear some good metal music so it was the best kind of gig you can play.

Thanks goes to Liz for getting some great pictures!

Thanks to Val for the pics who happened to have a camera at the show!


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